Plant Care Signature Kit
Plant Care Signature Kit

Plant Care Signature Kit

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Plant Potion is a special formulation of Plant Food brewed by plant experts to help your plants achieve their full potential. Whether you are just starting out with the plant addiction or are a jungle plant parent, Plant Potion will make your plants happier and healthier.

The Plant Care Kit Signature has beautiful eco-friendly packaging, perfect for a gift. Includes 3 products. 1x Grow (100ml), 1x Bloom (100ml) and 1x Remedy (250ml)

Grow and Bloom will strengthen your plants through the roots and Remedy will gently feed your plants through the leaves. The level of nutrients in all Plant Potion products are perfectly combined to make your plants thrive.

Together they will boost the plant immune system in ways that pests, fungus and diseases will stay away.

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