Propagation Disc

Propagation Disc

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Ready to turn your cuttings, bulbs, and fruit pits into lush, thriving plants? Our propagation discs are the perfect blend of style and practicality, so you can propagate plants with ease. Perfectly sized for any vessel with a 5cm - 9.5cm diameter opening.  

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Diameter: 10cm
Small disc opening: 1cm, with 2.5cm diameter centre hole
Large disc opening: 1.5cm, with 4cm diameter centre hole

How To - Cuttings & Water Plants:
1. Fill your vessel with water
2. Add your cutting to the container
3. Slide the propagation disc in place

How To - Bulbs and Fruit Pits:
1. Fill your vessel with water
2. Slide the propagation disc in place
3. Place your bulb or seed onto the propagation disc, with the bottom of the seed just submerged in water

Please note: Colours may slightly differ from photos based on your screen display. This purchase is for the propagation disc only and does not include any additional accessories shown. For bulk orders or gift options, please contact us for more information. Gift cards are also available.


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