The Deb - bee
The Deb - bee
The Deb - bee

The Deb - bee

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The Deb-bee was designed by the lovely Deb from 'Makers of Something Special'. 

Deb is a local Brisbane maker and creater of stunning handmade cement terazzo pots. A fellow long term plant enthusiast, with a love of all things Hoyas.

The Deb - bee acrylic plant climber has been designed with slimmer legs so that they fit perfectly into her handmade pots, allowing you to showcase that Hoya perfectly!

It has the 2 hexagon shapes to allow you to have 2 seperate vines climibing at the one time.

The sturdy Hoya climber is 21.5cm wide, 6.5cm for the legs to go into the pot and is 29.5cm tall.  The clear climber is a thicker acrylic at 4.5mm and the coloured ones are 3mm thick.

Please take care when inserting the climbers into their pot.  Make sure the soil is soft enough for it to enter and also dont force it.  Use both hands and hold the legs.

They can be easily cleaned with water and a microfibre cloth. Please don't use harsh chemicals.

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