Bee Stalk
Bee Stalk

Bee Stalk

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Introducing Bee Stalk to the Large Climber range.

The Bee Stalk is a perfect styling replacement for your bamboo stick or tall long stemmed plant wanting some support to help grow big and tall.

This climber is 58cm in height and has its legs closer together to ensure it can still be placed into smaller pots to provide that support. The legs are 6.5cm apart and it is made from a thicker acrylic to ensure its stability.

The Bee Stalk comes with some 'binding tape' to assist with attaching your plant to the climber safely. The 'binding tape' is clear and only requires a knot to hold in place. The benefit of the tape is it stretches as the plant grows so wont cut into the plant.

This is a statement piece for any plant lover, not only will it allow your plant to trail up the hexagon structure it will also provide the much needed support for your larger plants.


Colours can slightly vary from the photos and screen you are viewing on.

Please ensure you don't use any chemicals on the acrylic climber, this can scratch or cloud the glossy appearance. I recommend warm water to clean and a micro fibre cloth.

Also as always take care when styling your plant climber. Use 2 hands when inserting into dirt or LECA and don't use too much force.

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