Bee Stalk
Bee Stalk
Bee Stalk
Bee Stalk

Bee Stalk

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The Bee Stalk is a statement piece for any plant lover. Not only will it allow your plant to trail up the hexagon structure, it will also make your plant pop!

This 61cm high plant climber is made from a thicker acrylic, making it perfect for supporting your larger leafy babies. 

With two pointed stake ends and its legs only 6.5cm apart, it fits comfortably and easily in a wide range of pot sizes.

Included with the Bee Stalk climber are 3 plant clips that can help you secure your plant to the climber.

Total height: 61cm
Widest point: 14.5cm
Distance between stake prongs: 6.5cm

Please note: Colours may slightly differ from photos based on your screen display. This purchase is for the plant climber only and does not include any additional accessories shown. For bulk orders or gift options, please contact us for more information. Gift cards are also available.

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